Thursday, February 5, 2009

I love what I do!

I spent half of yesterday obsessed with my new discovery, My good friend Cheryl sent me the link and I was instantly hooked. (between my new facebook addiction and spoonflower, I may never leave my desk again.)
This site is an artists dream. I've always wanted to design my own fabric. At in just minutes you can design, create and order your own custom fabric. Prices are really reasonable - starting at $5 for an 8" sample. $11 for a fat quarter and $18 per yard.  It's really easy and fast and it takes about 3 weeks to get your order. I created eleven designs and then had to force myself to stop. 

Now all I have to do is learn to sew.

These are the kinds of resources I love to discover. I can play for hours and justify it as work.  This UFO fabric above is created from elements of my new UFO clock shown below.


Tom said...

I want a set of sheets for Jake's room!!!

Colleen MacDonald said...

HOORAY! I'm so glad to see you on the bloggosphere, Pam! I, too, am now addicted to the fabric design site. I'm working on some illustrations at the moment for my own line!

Molly said...

How cute - your designs are so perfect for fabrics!

(Glad you've entered the blogging world!)

Karen said...

I love Spoonflower too---my problem is, I sew, but I can't design fabric! Put our minds together and we're unstoppable! (found you on NetworkedBlogs on Facebook.)