Monday, November 8, 2010

Virtual Studio Tour

I am fascinated with other people's studios and work spaces. I love to see where other artists work, how they organize things, whether they decorate their space or prefer it to be purely functional. I like to see their storage and their furniture, how they utilize the light, whether they like to sit or stand, play music, watch TV or talk on the phone while they create. Some work out of their homes, some in the living room, some have separate studios or outbuildings, others work in the garage. Many studios are  work of art in and of themselves. We all make it work and we all do it differently.
So. I emailed some of my favorite artists from all over the country to send in images of their studios for a virtual studio tour. I'd like to do a this every so often. There are so many more people I would like to include. If you would like to share your work space images please email them to me at 

Here is the first edition.  Thanks so much to everyone who responded! 

This one is from Angela Yoder, Villa Park Hearts in Olympia, WA. When you visit her site be sure to click on 'paper art' to check out her paper buildings.

These next three are Amy Peter's Studio in Avila Beach, CA. Amy has a pretty large operation and several employees. You've probably seen her jewelry in Femail Creations catalog and in stores all over the U.S. This shows her storage, metal stamps and shipping station. To see more of Amy's process, studio and employees, visit her blog.

Next stop: Caitlin Dundon of One Heart Studio, in Seattle. Caitlin's studio is at Venuea beautiful retail space, where her work is for sale. Venue rents studio space to several wonderful artists. 

This is where Bonnie Riconda creates Calico Juno Designs. Bonnie is in Bronx, NY and has been featured in The Knot and Brides magazines, as well as many more. 

Colleen MacDonald of BCharmer Designs is right her in Olympia, WA. I was lucky enough to visit this charming little space. It's just beautiful. 

Next, we're off to visit Dee Janssen Glass in Broad Brook, Ct. 

And back to Seattle, WA to visit Joline El-Hai of Bella Luz. Joline's work is well known in the world of American Craft and is available all over the country.

 I bet you want to know what's in that glass cabinet. So did I:

Lisa Richey of Cheap Therapy makes handcrafter paper, journals cards and more in her studio in Lake Waccamaw, NC.  

Charan Sachar of Creative With Clay creates his work in Federal Way, WA. How anyone who does ceramics keeps their studio so clean and organized, I don't know. 

And another tidy potter, Tali Waterman of Forest's Edge Clayworks creates her work and teaches classes in studio. This studio is this little cottage on her beautiful, secluded property in Olympia, WA.

One more from here in Olympia. Pat Tassoni sent in these of his studio, Pat-Works. At first glance you may think that's a mess, but it's pieces and parts waiting to become one of Pat's amazing creations.