Friday, January 29, 2010

So just sent out the latest Hot Tips for Artists and Craftspeople and what happens? I get a fantastic and timely tip from my friend Becky Boutch of Seattle Rainwater Soap. sells discounted gift certificates for restaurants all over the U.S. (and not just franchises). The certificates are a great deal at $10 for each $25 certificate, but on the last week of the month it gets even better. Just enter the code 'BONUS' when you finish shopping and it automatically deducts 80% from your total. Each $25 certificate costs you only $2.00! Print out the coupons and you're off to dinner.
There are restrictions; you can only use one certificate per restaurant per month, you have to spend at least $35 per party, it doesn't include alcohol and the restaurant will add an 18% tip onto your bill, which applies to the full total before the discount. That seems fair to me.
I know this sounds like an ad, but I just love sharing great finds. And this is one of those rare too good to be true deals that really is true. I've now heard from a few friends who use these coupons often. It really works and you still have 2 days to use the coupon code this month.
This is a great deal for anyone, but for those of us who travel and spend a fortune eating out at shows, this is a gold mine of savings. I just found coupons for the restaurants in the Downtown Marriott in Philly, where I will be staying for my next show.
My suggestion: Before every show search by zipcode and pack them along with you. At $2 each even if you end up not using them, on the last day of the show you can give it to a good customer who will be thrilled and remember you next time. (In fact, I think these would be a nice gift with purchase or a thank-you to give to special buyers when they order.)