Thursday, February 5, 2009

Barack Around the Clock

My very smart friend Mark Rosenbaum of Rosetree Glass called a couple of weeks ago and suggested that I make Barack Around the Clock alarm clock. I have to admit (not being as smart as Mark) that at first I said no. I just didn't think the concept quite fit in with the rest of my line. But Mark was tenacious - he insisted that I was crazy not to, and boy, am I glad I listened. 
First, let me tell you that painting the White House was NOT fun. Perspective and exact likenesses are not my forte. But I swore and sweat and pushed through it. And it came out kinda cute! The second hand image is Barack Obama's face, which appears to magically circle the White House as it counts the seconds. Hence it is literally - Barack Around the Clock.
The moment I finished the paintings I sent the image to the company that manufactures the alarm clocks for me. For the next week I eagerly (read: impatiently) awaited the samples. I had to rush order them so I'd have them in time for my next show. When they finally came I ripped the box open and I just had to laugh. 
I photographed the sample, sent out an email that morning and within hours had sold over 100 of them. And I didn't even have them yet! The first order arrived last Friday and I've already had to order them three more times. So, of course I created the wall clock as well. The response continues to be amazing. (I can tell you, Obama is good for my economy) 
I've learned from this experience. My initial resistance was unfounded. And frankly, it could have held me back. I thought a political image or theme would not fit with the rest of my work. But hey I create it all, don't I?  So anything I design is clearly going to be my style. And it still has the whimsy and humor that I love to play with in my other designs. I think it works just fine. 

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Colleen MacDonald said...

It's really great, and hey, you have a budda clock! Who says you can't mix spirituality with politics? I'm so glad that they're a hit!