Monday, July 9, 2012

A Gift from a Stranger

I had the luckiest and most wonderful thing happen to me recently.
Out of the blue, a customer of my friend Charan Sachar sent him a video she made about his pottery. She was a fan of his and did it as a surprise gift to thank him for his work and he was so delighted with it that he posted it on Facebook. It was fantastic! I have always wanted a video to use on my site and in promotions. So I wrote him and asked if he would email his customer and ask if I could hire her to do one for me. The next thing I knew, I got an email from the lovely Cynthia Nichols. She said she'd love to do it but thought my payment offer was way too generous. She didn't want payment.

Over the next few weeks, we edited the video together as she created it. We worked on a 3 minute version to use at my booth at shows and a shorter one for advertising. I cannot even imagine how many hours it took her. I revisited the topic of payment many times as it became a bigger and bigger project, but she refused any payment whatsoever. Then I offered to send it to my friends and advertise for her. This was her reply:

"I have been thinking about our conversation and taking on "business."  I think what I'd like you to do, honestly, is just watch for women who are working hard to try and get their small business going, and let me help them do it "just because I can."  If you think they are worth investing time in, then send them to me. 
If I can spend some hours and help a woman get a good start, then that would be something I can do to simply help.  It's the "pay it forward" since I have had so much done for me in my life.  I don't think I want to do this as a business to make money; I think I would prefer doing it as a service in love & friendship.  Does that make sense?"

Can you imagine a stranger being so generous?  How often in life does that happen? I feel blessed and honored to be gifted in this way. And more importantly, reminded that there are kind, generous angels out there, making this world a better place.
Here is the video. I love it!