Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I didn't think I needed a new website, but my programmer insisted on it. 

I was skeptical - after all it all worked fine as it was, right? So I wasn't all that invested. But he was positive I'd like the improvements. Every once in a while he'd tell me about his progress or report in as to why he'd not gotten to it for a while.  I'd shrug and think "That's fine, It works just fine as it is, whatever."

I really didn't get it.

Until ....the day he gave me sneak peek at what he had so far. I was floored. It was gorgeous! Crisp, clean bright, contemporary. Full of new bells and whistles. People can change their own passwords and check their order status. I can approve wholesale accounts with one click and within seconds the buyer gets an automated welcome email. They can search the site for cats or rabbits or dogs!

I created the banners for each page, sent them to him and watched it come together bit by bit.. Soon my toes started tapping with excitement. It felt so close I could barely stand it - like Santa was right there on the roof but I didn't have a chimney. I started asking him for updates all the time, and counting the days to launch.

I threw him curve balls. He had designed much of it without showing it to me so I requested changes which he'd not expected. I started telling people it was ALMOST done last fall, then again in January, April, June...'Any day now' I'd say... and the months wore on. It was an exercise in patience. He was working his butt off but once I'd seen the potential of the new site, the old site looked antiquated and outdated. I was itching to get it up and dying to show it off.

And then, last week - Christmas came. The site finally went live on Monday and I felt like a proud parent. I wanted to kiss my programmer, have a party, and show it off to everyone. 
I hope you'll check it out here: