Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My assistant

Working with two cats who wander in and out of the studio all day is both a joy and a challenge. Ramona stops in to ask for attention and snacks, making sure I can't miss her as she walks across the keyboard, shedding all over the desk. 
Sadie comes in out all day, constantly talking - loud and insistent. She always seems a bit frantic, like Lassie trying to alert me that someone has fallen in the well. Eventually, and without fail, she tries to squeeze onto my lap - pushing herself between me a the desk, which leaves her squished up against me and makes typing impossible. But as soon as I give in and decide to give up on work and spend quality time with her she hears or sees something, and flies off my lap to investigate. 
The other day I was about to pack up an order and turned to grab the packing list and Sadie seized the moment to make herself at home. All I could so was give in and grab the camera. 

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