Friday, April 3, 2009

More Hot Tips!

It was April Fools Day when I got an email from an editor at AOL Home, saying they were going to feature my Barack Around the Clock in an upcoming story on "Obama Home Decor". So I waited all day from someone to confess to the joke. Turns out it's the real deal. I'll be posting here when the feature goes live late this month! 
In the meanwhile, here's a sneak peak of some of this month's Hot Tips for Artists Newletter. If these interest you be sure to go to and scroll to the bottom of any page to subscribe. 
Alison Lee's CRAFTCAST™ takes advantage of the podcast format to deliver weekly content, covering the latest information in the crafting industry. Listeners get personal stories and advice from a wide variety of artists and crafters. Alison also offers live online Masterclasses covering all sorts of topics and techniques for artists in all mediums. CRAFTCAST™ mission is to inspire and nurture the creative spark within each listener. And don't forget to look for my live online class on Selling Your Crafts on April 8th!
Have you always dreamt of seeing your jewelry on a celebrity or having your product in a gift bag at an award show? The best resource for celebrity contact information is Jordan McAuley's For $27 a month you get the agent, manager, publicist, production company, and charitable cause with phone, fax, and email addresses for over 57,000 celebrities and public figures. Jordan also shares updates on Twitter about how to get publicity using celebrities @JordanMcAuley.
I'm not giving away the whole Hot Tips Newsletter here - but just one more: is a great new resource for any working artist. Larry Hornung, founder of Crafts Business magazine, really knows the business, and created the site as a home for craft artists, collectors, gallery owners, show promoters and anyone else interested in the crafts industry. The basis of CSN is a free exchange of ideas, information and opinion. It's a practical site offering resources, news and advice for craft professionals and those on their way. 
The next Hot Tips for Artists Newsletter will come out next week with these tips and more. To subscribe you simple send an empty email to and use "Hot Tips, please!" as your subject heading or go to any page at

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