Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let there be light

For years I've had this great idea for a group show called 'Let There Be Light'. I thought it would be really fun to have about a dozen artists each create art that incorporated a working light of some sort. No limitations or rules, except that it must be illuminated in some way. I imagined it would be beautiful and I also thought it would be smart to have a show in which all of the pieces for sale were also functional. The illuminated art would attract people from the street and seeing what artists working in different mediums would create would be totally fun and inspiring.

For years, I imagined it, sometimes I'd tell other people about my dream ("You know what would be really cool?"). I'd come up with ideas for my own pieces and I'd make lists in my head of the which artists to invite. But it was what I call a "Someday Idea". Something you like thinking about doing someday, but never get around to making a reality.

Then about two months ago I happened to read a little story about Beberuhi, a character in Turkish shadow puppetry. Beberuhi is a dwarf who wears a stocking cap with a light hanging at the tip, just in front of his face. The light is to help him search for the truth. For some reason, reading this story got me thinking about the show again... and I got a flash of total inspiration and energy. I decided to make it happen.

First, I spoke to Richenda, the owner of Childhood's End Gallery here in Olympia and she loved the idea. Then came the work of finding the artists - I thought this part might be tough, but within just a few couple of days I had 16 people committed. We met to discuss details and I submitted an official proposal.

I got the word this week - it's confirmed! The show will open August 20th and run until September 26th. Opening night Reception is Friday, September 3rd. (I'll be sure and remind you.) I am totally excited! I have so many ideas for my pieces, the kind of art I've only done for love in the past and never sold. I'm already working on several. So, I thank Beberuhi, he and his hat certainly led me to the light.

Here are the amazing artists participating in the show. Check out their websites!

Diane Kurzyna (aka Ruby Re-Usable)
Rob August
John Walden
Nancy Sigafoos
Steve Susky


Jade said...

Great idea, and great line-up.

Joline said...

Thanks, Pam, for your great inspiration, for the energy to get it going, and for inviting me to participate!

Joline said...
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Colleen MacDonald said...

I love the idea of illuminating the truth. I can't wait to see your show!

Randi Parkhurst said...

This will be a great show! Your idea was a good one, Pam!

julia said...
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