Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stories from the Front lines

Last week at the market a woman stood at my booth looking at the magnets for quite a while. They all look they same and fill a large display stand with a sign that says "Magnets".
After a few minutes she asked "Are these ALL magnets?"
Confused, I hesitated before answering, "Yes, they're all magnets."
"Oh," she said with a pause...and then, "What do they stick to?"
After a stunned moment I answered. "They stick to metal."
"Ohhhh" she said and thought about it for a long minute before asking "Is that all?"
When I told her yes, she left. I'm not sure what kind of magnets she usually uses, but I wish I'd asked.
I am constantly stunned at the questions people ask and the strange things they say at my booth. A few years ago a well dressed middle aged woman told me in all seriousness that she'd love to buy one of my clocks but couldn't because she lived in a different time zone.
Many years ago my friend Jane was selling jewelry at Pike Place Market and a woman spent a long time choosing a pair. When she finally narrowed it down Jane said "You know, you should really try them. Wait'll you seem them in the mirror, they look great."
The woman picked up the earrings, held them (still on the card) up in front of the mirror and said "You're right! They Do look great in the mirror!"
I just love people. It's endlessly amusing and astonishing working with the public.
Then there was the time when my boyfriend and I were selling hand panted eggs and a couple admired them, oohing and ahhing over each design. Finally the wife said "You know, I really love them.....but if you sat on them they would break."
I was speechless, but quick witted Bruce said "Well, I guess if you're shopping for something to sit on, you might want to look somewhere else."
And one my favorites was from another artist, who when asked for a business card answered "You know, I'm all out. But I tell you what - when I get home I'll throw one out for you."
(I'm sure most of you have your own stories. I'd love to hear them. Really, we should compile a book.)


Colleen MacDonald said...

Those are HILARIOUS!

Susan Being Snippy said...

ah, but sometimes I say things like that just cause I want to make a comment -- I know I would make the one about the clock, full well knowing time is time, but it is a very good and silly excuse for not buying! things like that are just plain fun...

ps. first time on your blog came here via bccharmer blog, will be back to read again...

Rena Klingenberg said...

At mid-day during an art show, I was in my jewelry booth discreetly eating the sandwich I'd brought from home.

A middle-aged lady came into my booth and spent several minutes micro-examining every single piece of jewelry in my display.

She appeared so interested in my jewelry that I couldn't help thinking, "Wow, this is going to be quite a sale!"

After she made it through my entire display, she walked up to me and asked,

"Where did you get that sandwich?"